CHER: Balmain Blaze Goddess by An Le

An Le works with Iconic star Cher and Balmain to help deliver the Balmain Blaze handbag campaign after burning up the runway for the brands Spring 2023 show in Paris last September.

“As I explained to my team, I imagined these bags as being key components of the boldest entrances. For me, these designs evoke the impressive shields carried by the fearless superheroes of my youth—and I really love the idea of our Balmain Blaze adding an empowering sensation of invincibility as the perfect final touch for every ensemble.” -Olivier Rousteing

Michail Pelêt and Victoria Pavon serve as artistic directors, Now Open TV and Olimpic work on visual effects while Serena Radaelli covers hair and Francesca Tolot is on make-up.

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