WE ♥ JEAN PAUL GAULTIER: Madonna’s MDNA Tour Wardrobe for Vogue by Jean-Paul Gaultier

WE ♥ JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Madonna's MDNA Tour Costume for Vogue by Jean-Paul Gaultier. www.imageamplified.com, Image Amplified

Designer Jean Paul Gaultier is nearly as famous as his clients, who include Nicole Kidman, Madonna, Marion Cotillard and Catherine Deneuve. Enfant Terrible or not, he frequently offers up a punk-like take on fashion and culture that we find playful, seductive and chic. And where hasn’t he left his mark? From the iconic Jean Paul Gaultier perfume bottle to the recent Coke bottle, from Hermes to Target, and movies like The Fifth Element and The City of Lost Children… Gaultier has touched all aspects of pop culture. In the 90’s he even released a dance song complete with music video. It goes without saying there’s only one Jean Paul Gaultier, and we heart him. 

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