SPOTLIGHT ON YEAR’S BEST FASHION FILMS: “The Never Ending Story from Louis Vuitton”

“The Never Ending Story from Louis Vuitton” Fashion Film

We’d only slightly be overstating the case by claiming we live for a well-made fashion film. Fashion in film can make or break a mood, reveal secrets about heroes and villains alike, transport us to a specific time and place. Fashion can live and breathe, moving through seasons and physical space. So why not use a moving medium to capture and describe that movement? Luckily designers and brands are embracing fashion film, more and more, to tell their brand stories. Inspired by BoF’s Top 10 Fashion Films of the Season, we’re going to offer an end-of-season glimpse of some of the year’s best fashion films.

From BoF:

Louis Vuitton zooms through five generations of the brand’s history in a one and half minute short titled “The Never Ending Story from Louis Vuitton,” which has racked up over 10 million views. With art direction reminiscent of Wes Anderson, the film brings a sense of fun and millennial-friendliness to its educational narrative.



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