SOUND CAFFEINE: Die Antwoord, “Banana Brain” Music Video

The newest video from Die Antwoord is for “Banana Brain,” from the upcoming album Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid.

Die Antwoord recently made headlines after accusing David Ayer, director of Suicide Squad, of ripping off their style. Yolandi specifically referenced the movie’s appropriation of their black and white graffiti style, fashion elements, as well as their video collaboration with Harmony Korine. As testament to the power of Die Antwoord, the Joker bits were the best part.

SOUND CAFFEINE: Die Antwoord's "Banana Brain" Music Video. Image Amplified
Yolandi in Die Antwoord’s “Banana Brain” music video

From Dazed Digital:

Die Antwoord have released a new video for “Banana Brain”, the first single from their upcoming album MountNinji And Da Nice Time Kid.

The rave-rap duo, who teased the track back in July, premiered the accompanying visual earlier today (August 31). Predictably twisted, it contains drug overdoses, bad trips, and huge, pendulous penises. It also, for some reason, is packed with references to convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius; with Ninja wearing fake leg blades, and at one point attempting to shoot a bathroom door down.

According to a statement shared by Yolandi and Ninja earlier this year, fans can expect the upcoming Mount Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid to be filled with “dark and ratty” tracks. They also noted that the album would be “epic and sometimes vulnerable and sometimes sweet and romantic and so brave and full of mystery and win.”

Watch the full video for “Banana Brain”, directed by Ninja and Terence Neale, above.

Mount Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid is set for release on September 16

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