SHAKIRA & BURNA BOY: The Night Before by Torso

Torso works with Burberry to deliver their new campaign for “The Night Before” 2022. The campaign is starring Shakira & Burna Boy.

The collection includes iconic outerwear from duffle coats in birch brown Burberry Check to beige car coats. Evening wear includes tulle gowns with the Equestrian Knight Design and oak leaf crest in light- catching crystals as well as classic menswear suits printed and jacquard-woven with the Equestrian Knight Design. Accessories shimmer with metallic finishes and light-catching crystals. – from Burberry

Julia Sarr-Jamois is in charge of styling while Jordi Fontanals covers hair and Vass Theotokis covers make-up.

Starring world-renowned Shakira and Burna Boy – both making their Burberry campaign debut – each embody their own interpretation of the exhilaration of the night before. The film shows several episodes: presents in Burberry House Check pile upon each other as Burna Boy strides across freshly fallen snow, musicians rehearse to the rhythm of the season, Shakira stands on formal dinner tables that transform into a Burberry runway – the ultimate setting for self-expression and new takes on festive traditions. – from Burberry

Starring Shakira and Burna Boy, ‘The Night Before’ captures the excitement of moments of festive preparation reimagined through a distinctly Burberry lens.

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