RIHANNA: Ready to Confess by Nadia Lee Cohen

Nadia Lee Cohen teams up with singer Rihanna and Interview to deliver a perfect performance in “Ready to Confess” for the Spring 2024 issue.

Mel Ottenberg is responsible for styling and brands include Bottega Veneta, Gabby Elan Jewellery, Loewe, Loro Piana, Caledonian, Reformation + more. Yusef Williams is on hair, Yadim Carranza covers make-up and nails are by Kim Truong.

Adding to the creative team Brittany Porter delivers set design, M’lynn Hass serves as tailor, George Brooks as digital operator, production is by The Morrison Group and retouching is by Kushtrim Kunushevci.

Additional Credits:

Fashion Assistants: Lucy Gaston, Nicholson Baird, Charlie Burke, and Hayley Kuniansky.

Hair Assistant: Naphia White and Christopher Salmon.

Makeup Assistants: Joseph Rios and Lilly Pollan.

Nail Assistant: Queenie Doan.

Set Design Assistant: Sunny Mills.

Lighting Assistants: David Lopez and Carlos Quinteros

Photography Production: Carlota Ruiz De Velasco, Malcolm Duncan, and Fabien Colas at DMB Represents.

Production Assistant: Joel Montgomery.

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LORENZO & LEONARDO: Body Talk by Giampaolo Sgura