EL PAIS ICON: How Short Are Your Shorts by Hedvig Jenning

Hedvig Jenning teams up with El Pais ICON to deliver a reason for the season in “How Short are your Shorts” for the May 2024 issue. Models front and center include Tomas Pyzynski, Jose Manuel Pradas, Hugo Kwon, Gianluca Alessi, Jules M. De Bolekia, Franck Daniel Ebongue Kuo & Joan Maria.

Alicia Padrón is in charge of styling/fashion editing while Cecilie Hildebrandt delivers grooming, Adriana Suarez Dominguez is on production and Vuelco Studio is on set design.

Adding to the creative team Sky Division is on casting and styling team includes Irene Monte Parra & Ezekiel Markus.

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