DESTROYED NONCHALANCE: Minisode, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12, Episode 2

Destroyed Nonchalance

Controversy! Drag is all about crushing boundaries, but one contestant has obviously crossed the line. Now we’re forced to choose. Either to tolerate her throughout the season or ignore the hard work the other girls have put into the competition. Congrats to Jaiden Essence Hall to taking the night. We’re also loving Rock M. Sakura and Aiden Zhane. So nice to have Ross Matthews back! We’re feeling a bit sorry for Robyn and Thandie Newton, though. As good as they were, Nicki Minaj is an impossible act to follow.

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ATTITUDE UK: Connor Jessup by Taylor Miller

THE RELEVANT QUEER: Novelist and Literary Critic John Rechy, Born March 10, 1931