TWIN PEAKS SEASON 3: Mark Frost Says Tailers Coming

Mark Frost announced today that trailers for season three of Twin Peaks will soon be released.

Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost answered questions this morning on Reddit. However, whether the subject was David Bowie’s participation in Season 3, Lynch’s use of unconventional storytelling, or just how much audiences should read into what they’re seeing, Frost wasn’t particularly forthcoming. That’s not surprising. Twin Peaks fans enjoy a mystery, after all, so it’s doubtful they were looking for any spoilers.

Thankfully Frost did reveal that fans can expect Twin Peaks season 3 trailers soon.

Find Mark Frost’s AMA on Reddit here.

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Mark Frost on the ‘Twin Peaks’ Revival: ‘Trailers Are Coming Soon’ and More Reveals

The show’s co-creator answered questions from viewers during a Reddit AMA.

Mark Frost has been answering questions about the upcoming “Twin Peaks” revival in a number of different forums lately, though the show’s co-creator has played things close to the vest. His AMA on Reddit this morning was no exception, though Frost — who recently released his book “The Secret History of Twin Peaks” — did offer some worthy insights, as when he was asked about viewers potentially reading into things too much. “Here’s my feeling about this,” he began, “and I’m not trying to dodge the question: If THEY saw something there it really doesn’t matter what the intention was.”

The author may not be dead, but he’s certainly tight-lipped. (David Lynch, the much more well-known mind behind “Twin Peaks,” doesn’t answer questions about the meaning of his work.) Frost was also asked about a “Titanic” scene in which a character appears to quote a line from the show (“I’d rather be his wife than your whore”), though he didn’t seem to have an answer: “Known Jim [Cameron] for many years. Never asked him that.” Ditto on the topic of David Bowie, who appeared in “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me” and was rumored to have been taking part in the show’s third season before his death earlier this year: “Sorry. Classified.”

Frost had more to say about Don S. Davis and Catherine E. Coulson, who played Garland Briggs and the Log Lady, respectively. “Both were incredibly gentle, humble and thoughtful people. Game for anything and both with an incredible instinct for truth in their work. Loved them both.”

Perhaps the most interesting question came from a user who pointed out that Lynch’s recent films, like “Mulholland Drive” and “Inland Empire,” rarely engage in conventional storytelling. Asked whether the next batch of “Twin Peaks” episodes would follow this trend or be more like the first two seasons, Frost wasn’t especially forthcoming: “I’m going to have to let you decide this after you see it.” He did give at least one answer that’ll have fans excited, however: “Trailers are coming soon.” Read his full AMA here.

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