NYFW: Tommy x Gigi?!


NYFW: Tommy x Gigi?! Image Amplified www.imageamplified.com
Front row at Tommy x Gigi. (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Tommy Hilfiger)

WAIT. WHAT? GIGI HADID HAS A COLLECTION?! As if she wasn’t making us jealous enough for her supermodel looks. Those green eyes. The perfect pout. And let us not forget those luscious long legs! She has now collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger.

NYFW: Tommy x Gigi?! Image Amplified imageamplified.com
Gigi and Tommy

The Tommy x Gigi collection made its debut at New York Fashion week amongst a carnival inspired theme. The Hilfiger collection held a nautical theme, with Hadid opening the show in one of her pieces and it can be said that the Gigi collection is everything we could have wanted and more. With anchor prints, oversized hoodies and military coats, the collection screams fashion. It’s about clean cuts, shapes and prints whilst also being relevant with an urban Instagram vibe.
The collection has been released globally. For the UK it’s available to buy at Selfridges, Asos and Hilfiger UK. The best thing is, it’s all at affordable prices! Thank you Gigi for keeping us all stylish, and making the transition from summer to Autumn less painful and more exciting.

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FASHION CAPSULE: Which Card Holder Are you?

VOGUE UK: Abbie Walsh by Paolo Roversi. Lucinda Chambers, April 2012, www.imageamplified.com, Image Amplified
VOGUE UK: Abbie Walsh by Paolo Roversi, Styled by Lucinda Chambers, April 2012

If your anything like me carrying a purse is a chore! I’m constantly battling an internal conflict of wanting to be girly and having the perfect double wallet by Chanel but also hating carrying a brick around, and putting my cards in my pocket. Personally I dislike purses. Throughout my 23 years I have tried with great difficulty to be a purse type of gal, because who doesn’t want a purse with organised card compartments, a place for your change and notes so they don’t end up horribly creased.

Then at the same time, I struggle to maintain a purse. I mean, first of all, I hate carrying bags, which means I would have to hold the purse and that just fills me with fear of being robbed. But one of the main reasons I absolutely dislike purses is because it gives me more reason to hoard receipts. Somehow all my receipts just end up in the purse. Instead of a purse full of cash, it’s a purse full of receipt’s and I begin to hoard them, which makes the purse heavier to carry. Then a dilemma is created of well where and how do I carry my cards and any change or cash around? Fear not though lovely fashionistas, I have found not only the perfect alternative but the perfect designs for all your needs. Just one word; cardholder.

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FASHION CAPSULE: Queen Elizabeth II a Fashion Icon

Photo by Annie Leibovitz
Photo by Annie Leibovitz

The Queen embodies everything I believe in: her strength as a woman, her power, her leadership and her impeccable fashion. My mother, a lover of anything royal, was the first woman to introduce and share with me her love for the Queen.

 At a young age my Mother and I would watch the Queen on television programmes. I remember seeing her majesty for the first time thinking “Wow, the Queen is wearing bright colours, makeup and pearls. She looks amazing.” My Grandmother and other older people around me always said they were too old to wear brightly coloured clothes and makeup, something I never understood why. So seeing the Queen, it was like she broke all the rules. A breath of fresh air and a sense of I want to look like that when I reach that age! The Queen just oozes pure fabulousness and fierceness, breaking the traditional stereotype of you can’t wear or look a certain way when your older. When you do mature you don’t have to fall into the lifeless boring world of dull fashion.

 Over the years the Queen hasn’t shown any signs of her fashion slowing down. Instead she has shown more consistency, carrying on with the bright colours. After all, who wants to blend into the background? Just because you’re older why should you wear more natural neutral colours?!

 The Queen influences my style in many ways, from her younger self, to the present day. When the Queen was younger, her feminine dresses  provided a silhouette girly and pretty. The present day Queen inspires me through her simpler, clean cut and structured outfits. I am not a bag person at all, but seeing the Queen hold her bag makes me want to run out and buy one! The Queen will forever and always be my favourite Fashion icon. – Harveen

The Queen: A leader, A ruler, A role model and A fashion icon.

Just how does Her Majesty carry out all these roles whilst serving us fierce chic and elegant timeless fashion? Her fashion appeals to anyone at any age, whether it be at the age of 18 with her pearls, or her younger self in feminine dresses, or being a young adult in her structured coats — a consistent fashion trend during winter. Even at a more mature age her trademark brightly coloured outfits, hats and Launer bag may provide you with major inspiration. If you’re finding it difficult to find similar pieces or want a more modern look, Dolce and Gabanna created an entire collection in 2008 inspired by the Queen from the tartan prints to silk scarves.

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