BRUNELLO CUCINELLI: A Beautiful Italian Excellence

In a very sunny and warm afternoon in Milan, Brunello Cucinelli spent few good hours inspiring young students and luxury enthusiasts telling his story, his ideals, and of course giving some advice. The event had been titled “La bellezza salverà il mondo” (“Beauty will save the world”) and nobody more than Cucinelli could be a better ambassador for what he believes is the only way of doing business.

“La Bellezza Salverà il Mondo”

What is so special about his business model? The pursuit of uniquely high quality in all garments he designs and produces, the respect for the human being and his employees above all, the support for the local community and the love for everything that is beautiful (let it be a theater to be restored or even the new factory to build) are the pillars of his vision.

Brunello Cucinelli: a beautiful italian excellence. Image Amplified
Brunello Cucinelli

Profits are Not Everything

Mister Brunelli Cucinelli does not run his luxury business in a silo: he experienced first hand the depletion of the surrounding natural resources and how bad brutal work conditions may affect a person. And this is the reason why he feels responsible to be the change, if you allow me, to lead the change with other fashion brands in the name of “sustainability”. During the conference he could not stress enough that profits are not everything. He stands by this belief so much that before someone becomes shareholder of his company, he invites them to the factory in a small town in central Italy because they are not simply investing money in a business, but in a philosophy.

Brunello Cucinelli: a beautiful italian excellence. Image Amplified
Brunello Cucinelli advertising campaign

A Way of Life

Still these sustainable collections seem pretty much to answer the needs of their customers. With revenues of about €400 million, his luxury clothes are so much sought after because they do not signal a status, they express a way of life and thinking. 25 years ago mister Brunelli Cucinelli started doing business with a very simple but innovative idea: dying cashmere to make colourful swethers (until then cashmere was marketed only in basic natural shades). Now he has boutiques in New York, Moscow, Paris, Capri, Saint-Tropez, Osaka, Hong Kong and many more luxury shopping locations.

Brunello Cucinelli: a beautiful italian excellence. Image Amplified
Photoshoot detail from Fall Winter collection 2016

And the collections speak for themselves: the pleasure to gently touch fabrics rich of different textures, ingeniously sewn together by an expert artisan will give you a deep sensation. Every outfit is well thought out to be practical and modern but highly tailored at the same time. Brunelli Cucinelli’s creations make luxury look effortless and we just cannot get enough. Finally, even if it is still early to decide whether beauty will save the world (sustainability certainly will though), the beauty in Cucinelli’s vision can inspire more people to be the change and while looking so glamorous.

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